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A serious concern these days, especially in communicating with an attorney, is privacy. Multitasking computers are inherently susceptible to spying and invasion. Further, a multitasking operating system like Windows should be considered completely insecure.
In case you haven't notice, Gmail and Outlook, free email servers, social media sites, smart speakers, etc., collect your data, including the content of emails, and use it to place adds on websites you visit. They also make it available to certain customers and government agencies. For a little extra privacy, we run our own email and web server and avoid using equipment controlled by others.
With that said, if you are still a bit paranoid and want to encrypt your email before you send it, and assuming you are not suing Google or Microsoft or running from The CIA or other gov't agency, then using a simple encryption program will go a long way in making your communications more secure.
Here is a link to an old program for encrypting your message:
Pretty Good Privacy 5 This program is open-source and widely available
Here is a public key for me: Vince_Heuser.asc

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